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You just described why I live in Briarcliff and why I don't live downtown.

Schools and being close enough to downtown that people will buy my house someday.

NKC schools has two ballot items and I will be voting yes as well for similar reasons. I dislike the increase but the results are worth the cost.

If the schools/daycare situation gets better south of the river moving downtown isn't off the table. We're done homes tours and was overall impressed.

Paul Pierson

So it did not pass. I am so embarrassed by those who opposed the levy for education because I am sure that as you mentioned most did not even know what it was for. I have a 5th grader and like you have seen the benefits of FLIP, but alas... the opposition (which must have called my house 15 times in the last few days) made it look like more government taxes to line the pocket of a few. I guess Jim Dunn's Robocalls had the desired effect. It's a sad day but these are the types of things that perpetuate the stereotype that the country has of the state of MO.

The Line Creek Loudmouth

Thanks for your support Paul and we will have to see what happens. I just wish people who are in a position to make government more efficient would do it and not complain about it later.

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